Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Habit

  • Here again.

    An actor naps.

    Lots of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

    An open bag of Wise chips on the table.

    The female actor makes coffee during the "Do you know what semiotics are?" speech.

    Then she just used the toilet with the curtain 

    Lana and Mitchell have the talk about what bands he likes, and contemporary poets.  Mitchell can't name a successful poet except Edgar Allen Poe.

    I'm always here when this line comes around.  Doug:  "We look like a f#$king halfway house for crackheads and retards."

    The actors play with the same lines in different ways, from different rooms, with different energy.   

    Lara, I've been six times to Habit.  I feel like I'm finally figuring this play out, feeling its wit and desperation.    

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