Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Delegate Envy

It's late, and I've spent the last 4.5 hours watching the Democratic National Convention on the CSPAN website.  

Did you know I've ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to be a delegate at one of these things?  I must investigate how to this, Lara.  I want to wear a festooned hat.

I'm skeptical of political theater and actually veer far to the left of Obama--I'm more of a Dennis Kucinich/Bernie Saunders Democrat--but I found myself pretty moved by most of this.

I was annoyed by the benediction, especially a Christian prayer when I spotted orthodox Jews and at least one Sikh in the audience.  Not that I'm anti-religious at all; I just worry about people being uncomfortable/alienated by a prayer on a political stage. 

I posted a photo from the '72 Democratic convention because it's the first election I remember.  My parents were for Nixon, so of course, I was for Nixon and my sister and I did cheers in support of Nixon in our front yard on election day.  I do remember another parent at a parents night at the school with a ginormous McGovern button on her dress.  Big cars/big heels/big political buttons.  

That said, once I could vote in 1984 for the first time, I voted for Mondale, which I'm sure was relatively unusual at BYU.   Speaking of religion, the Dems despite being as war mongering as the Repubs historically, seemed kinder and gentler--yes, for me, more Christ like--at least on social issues.  Plus, the pro-life issue is huge for me.   Plus--although I wish I could be as cool as the anarchists I know--I think government is necessary, and my family, despite voting Repub, depended on government handouts many times over the years.

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  1. you would make a rad delegate, julie! & of course you would have a well-festooned hat. i loved the family history you incorporated into this post.