Thursday, September 6, 2012

Laces, Tights

The first tight sighting of September
I'm thinking both Lara's and my posts will be short tonight.  I spent all of my time after work shepherding my kids to dentist appointments and then making not one but two visits (what?!) to the Doc Marten store to get them new footwear (early birthday presents for both) for the first day of school--which is TOMORROW!

After that, hours were spent combing over articles of clothing in order to put together the most awesome back-to-school outfits with just the right touch of originality and identifiable disdain.  Tomorrow is a super mega milestone back-to-school day:  first day of middle school for one; first day of high school for the other.

In fact, emotions have been so amped up all night (and I'm not talking about the convention speeches, although that's another post), that my kids both dropped off to sleep at almost midnight and they will sleep for a good six hours.

Lots to think about tomorrow.   But for now, I should sleep because there's going to be an awful lot of lacing tomorrow morning.

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  1. great last sentence! i love their doc choices. love that the '90's are coming back. it was a much better decade for me than the '80's, and i prefer the fashion.