Wednesday, September 26, 2012

not solved--

at the dvd release party.  i wanted to showcase my first new tights of the season, but only a sliver shows.  and my bag looks terrible with this outfit.  oh well.
the question of who this enigmatic man really is--but only more intrigued

by mr. alex caldiero, the sonosopher.

i originally wrote this review for GITP, but my pal lorri started a really cool new website, so i posted it there instead.

dear readers, i beg you to read it as it was quite an endeavor, and i wrote it with you in mind.  and it has stuff in there i really want you to know.


read.  enjoy.  and peruse salt while you're at it.

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  1. LARA! I got that same dress from HM and it looks TERRIBLE on me--it's waiting in the bag to return. You make it look hot. --JT