Sunday, September 16, 2012

Music, Left and Right

For the next several weeks, there will be music in the little community garden by my house every Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm.

Today we saw Lara's old Seattle friend, Andrew Drury, unexpectedly play drums with a large group of other musicians.    I love that seeing Andrew and family out of the blue made the world seem very, very small.

All day I prepared for Rosh Hashanah, running home between the garden performances to prep food.

At the service, the Shul band played.
We all sang songs I never grew up with, but that I have been learning for the past decade.

Here's something Rabbi talked about:  destiny v fate, and that we live according to destinations--the endings that we choose.

(I only get to blog these days when the day is running out--and now my kids--who don't have school for the next to days, due to the Jewish New Year--want me to read to them.)

Yesterday, I went to the Mormon Stories conference, where Richard Bushman, author of Rough Stone Rolling--the acclaimed Joseph Smith bio--said that he, Bushman, never thought in black in white terms.  That one can hear from God and still do things that are wrong.

Lots to think about from the weekend. Here are some musicians from the Shul Band we saw and sang with tonight, covering some Zeppelin, klezmerish style:

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  1. God loves the weak things of the world.

    I loves Klez Zep!