Sunday, September 30, 2012

september sunday

sunday shoes.

i love sundays.

i love getting dressed up for church.

i love the family meals, the sermons, the sunday playlist, the sunday times (even though it's become such a bougie rag), and best of all, the new episode of simpson's.

it's the last sunday in september, and here's a list:

1.  sermon:  sister b. tells the children that when she was a child she was full of fear.  "if you're full of fear, you can tell someone.  and you can learn to overcome your fear. you can learn, like i did, that 'perfect love casteth out fear.'" me, cecily and my mom were in a row on the pew, three gals who went through a lot of fear and anxiety.  we loved the message.  & brother j. told about fear, too.  the fear he was hearing in the daily farm reports on the radio due to this year's drought.  "until a couple of weeks ago," he said, when it turned out that the crops didn't fail, and there was "unexpected excess supply."  i will think about unexpected abundance this week.

sunday crepes
2. crepe bar with mom & dad and the family, inspired by our friends the olivier's who once, years ago, had us over for a crepe buffet:  "the americano" (pb & j), ham & cheese, etc.  our selection included salami, sharp cheddar & mustard, lemon & powdered sugar, and nutella.

new haircut

3. lula got a new, chic haircut.  my baby's growing up.

4.  simpson's--homer just said:  "if you need me, i'll be taking a popcorn bath.  it's something i read about in a men's health magazine in a dream." julie, it's set in nyc, and there's a scene on the highline.

5.  dinner with bam and the jasplund's--chicken on the grill with matt's magical dry rub.  i cut my finger on a mandoline while makng coleslaw.  then after dinner drive up the mountain to see the sunset and the lights of provo coming on.

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