Monday, September 24, 2012


every sunday we listen to sacred music at home.  for years and years, we've been listening to bach cantatas every sunday.  he wrote more than 200 of them, and we have two sets of complete recordings.


a lot of bach.

and i'm a really huge fan.

but recently, i've had to say no more cantatas.

anyway, sometimes we prevail on the master of the stereo to branch out into other musical traditions.  into sacred-y and devotionalish music for sundays.

(i mean, we're gonna watch simpson's after dinner anyway. which, for our family, is extremely sacred & devotional.)

in case you're interested, here's a list of stuff you can listen to of a sabbath, if you wanna hear music by people specifically playing for, about, to, around, god/dess/es.

1. steve reich, tehillim.

2. john coltrane, a love supreme. (happy birthday today!)

3. ijahman

4. golden gate quartet

5. beehive band

6. n. rajam

7. orlando di lasso

8. la monte's well-tuned piano

9. messiaen's les corps glorieux

10. hildegard

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