Thursday, June 14, 2012

C'mon Get Happy!

1.  Trying to muster up inspiration for the blog.  Is it because I'm distracted by a visit from an old friend?  Is it because the school year is still limping along and I'm tired of helping kids with homework?  Am I tired of my routine?

2.  Reading Mary Robison's Why Did I Ever.  A novel in fragments she wrote a index cards when she was having writer's block.

3.  On the other end of the quality spectrum, I'm reading David Cassidy's trashy, sloppily written memoir C'mon Get Happy:  Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus.  There's some good dirt in it (and details of exploits on the level of the Led Zeppelin bio Hammer of the Gods), and you feel sorry for the guy getting sucked up into the star-making machinery before he knew what was happening and had no idea the record company and licensing entities were making millions of him that he never saw, and that he was killing himself with incessant touring and was incredibly lonely, but c'mon, people!  Get an editor!  (Still, I can't put it down.)

4.  Trying to emerge from mental tightness.  Will reading trashy rock memoirs help?

5. Do you think it's possible to get happy on command?


  1. i wanna read that trashy book.

  2. yeah, it's my son's final day of the semester today. what a drain that was! hope your semester ends soon!
    i have been reading "Deep in a Dream: the Long Night of Chet Baker" this summer. it's thoroughly depressing, but i'm enjoying reading it.