Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Uninspiring Day of Rain

1. Worked.

2. Purchased The Artist's Way on the way home.  Walked into a bookstore and asked for it old school, and the person at the counter knew exactly where it was on the shelf.  He said, "I've been meaning to read this."

3.  Was forced to go on a long, ultimately meaningless errand in the rain. 

4.  My hair, which I had so carefully tamped down the day before, became Peter Frampton-esque once again.

5.  Talked to a friend about The Artist's Way on the phone, although I wasn't planning on it.  She said, "This must have been why I called you."

6.  Helped a kid study for a final. 

7.  Finished and uploaded the 5th grade yearbook, plus, ordered it.  Graduation is in a week and a half.  I hope it doesn't rain.

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