Saturday, June 2, 2012

Howl Report

The inimitable Darryl L.
Another perfect weather day, so perfect, in fact, that I it was hard for me to consent to my kid's constant entreaties to take her shopping for her 5th-grade graduation dress first thing this morning, especially when the Howl Fest was kicking off.  

But we went, made the trip to mid-town retail.  In Lord and Taylor, my kid agonized over three dresses in particular, trying each on several times before deciding, knowing she would mourn the dresses not taken.  Tonight she's been dancing around with her dress so I guess it was worth it.

Because of this she was obligated to go to Howl with me.  Photos here are from the Art Around the Park portion.  Artists register in advance for a canvas.   Adjacent canvases are set up the night before.  They extend partially around the park, but the whole block of Avenue A between 7th and 10th Streets. The spray painters are relegated to 7th Street between A and B.  (Not that this means anything to anyone who is reading this outside of New York.)

My friend Darryl (who I met because she was first a babysitter then a parent at my kids' elementary school) was one of the spray-painting artists who assembled a collage plus stencils of her 20-something youth on the lower east side.  I'm most interested in the fact she dated the experimental filmmaker Nick Zedd:  she blew up a photo booth strip of them together on the left there.

And two of my other faves were back this year:  the famous graffiti artist Chico (who this year spray painted murals up on the 3rd floor of my kid's school), and this cut and paste op artist whose name I think is Rolando Vega, but now I'm not sure.

Oh, and I also happened upon The Waldos this afternoon, playing as part of the fest in the park.

Inspired by:  the rhubarb/mocha cone I had at Il Laboratorio del Gelato this evening (Lara, they offered basil, tarragon, cream cheese, acai, gala apple and buttermilk gelatos--among others--this evening), the life of Adam Yauch (who has the cover in this week's Rolling Stone)

Looking forward to:  the Book Expo this week

The mesmerizing Rolando

The amazing Chico

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