Monday, June 25, 2012

Where We Are at Six Months


Both Lara and I had bad mornings, so I wrote my morning pages in the afternoon.  I don't know about Lara.  I look forward to writing the morning pages (I'm referencing one of The Artist's Way assignments here), although I never get to write them in the manner of the book's author:  sitting alone in a quiet house, starting out the window at mountain in resorty New Mexico.  Aside from this, there are many homework pieces that I haven't done in the Artist's Way program which is now in Week Three.  So I hope this will work for me.

This morning, I had another fall, wiping out on my bike after it hit a metal grating cover, slick with rain.  I came down on the metal with my arm and slid across it.  I didn't get up immediately.  Just stayed there on the wet pavement and wept, my bike partially under me, my computer bag falling from its basket.  Strangers helped me pick up my things.  I got myself up.  For some reason, it was important for me to get up myself.  I was in pain, and I'm still in pain as I write.

Maybe what the morning pages are teaching me (and this is just coming to me now) is anything good that I want to happen to me in my life will come from making it happen myself.  I spent the past several days with a relative who seems to engage in a lot of magical thinking.  And while this can be helpful and fun, it means that one is always living in a the future and not the present.  That's all I can come up with for now.

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i, too, am hitting a mid-year slump.  or a summer slump.  i'm weird because i really dislike summer and always have.  i tend to get depressed.

i tend to do many things in an opposite way, not to be defiant or anything, but something in my brain, seriously, is backwards.

but i continue to try to do small things every day, even when i don't want to & when i feel uninspired.  so i'm pretty sure i'll come out of the tunnel soon.

so many things that julia cameron says seem so right on.  a lot of it resonates with me deeply.

i've been writing my morning pages at 6.30 a.m. each day.  i wake up suddenly at that moment almost every day.  then moses comes and sits next to me.  we're both early birds. i've been writing faithfully, but skeptically.  really?  this is going to change my life?  i'm doing it even though my faith is weak, and it does seem to clear my head.  i'm only in week 3 of twelve weeks, and julia cameron says we can feel angry, confused, and skeptical.  that's where i'm at today.

where are you at today?

& do you want to join us in the artist's way?

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  1. Count me in. I met JMC just before her book hit the NYT best seller list - right after I left Mills, she was the first person I met in Taos. Austin introduced us! I should read her book...

  2. leave a comment on the giveaway post (linked in the post above) to win a copy. you currently have an excellent chance!

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    1. yay, georgia! i'm wondering how to incorporate progress reports and updates from readers into the blog.