Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Love a (LGBTQ) Parade

As per my usual Pride Day schedule, I attended my church meetings and then strolled with pride over the Pride March on 5th Avenue--the biggest, oldest LGBTQ Pride Parade in the world. 

The Pride Parade is held at this time of year because in 1969 in late June there was a riot at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village.  Judy Garland had just died and everyone was in a bad mood.   So when the police made their usual arrests at the bar, the patrons fought back.  They refused to take it anymore.  The first pride march was in 1970.  By the '80s in New York and San Francisco, they were huge and had corporate sponsorship.  Today's was the first Pride March held after last summer passage of laws here in New York state allowing same-sex couples to marry.  It held particular resonance for me, as the law took effect on Utah's Pioneer Day, July 24th.  (I think there were cosmic reasons for this.) 

I watched the Parade for hours and hours today.  My oldest kid met a friend of hers (out in 8th grade) at the march.  The crowds were so massive, that I spent a good part of the March in a French coffee shop, gnawing on acai vegan muffins (I know.  Weird, right?) while watching the Parade through the window.  

My favorite groups include the one pictured here.  (They did stunning covers of tunes by Lady Gaga, Men Without Hats, and James Brown.  They are seriously good, not to mention the flag corp and male baton twirler.)  Straight Mormons also marched with Affirmation--the LGBTQ Mormon Support Group.  I missed them, unfortunately. 

Lara, do you ever think the Mormon Church will loosen up and welcome their Mormon brothers and sisters as they are with full equality?  Many LGBTQ Mormons have experienced such tightness because of the church's policies.  Just saying, as I try to get out of my own tight place and live each day with more love. 

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  1. i can't answer your last question for sure, julie. most mormons i talk to these days seem way more open and supportive than even 5 years ago, but maybe i'm talking to a liberal minority? it really seems much, much better, but i don't know if it really is or if it just seems that way. here's hoping and praying that the change is real.

    thanks for the great post!