Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home

1. Just got back from karaoke with my writing group (plus, honorary members). It was my first time at a real Japanese karaoke place and the first song I plugged in was the one above. The generic video that accompanied the karaoke soundtrack featured a generic blonde woman tossing around an acoustic guitar in rustic jeans. And guess what? The images were taped in . . . St. George, Utah!

2. Before that, I was doing my last bit of volunteering for Kid #2's elementary school, helping right thank-you letters in the backyard of a fellow parent's house in Wmsburg.

 3. Before that, Kid #2 and I were at home combing through her massive portfolio she took home today from school. It contained teachers' hand selections of the best of her last seven years of elementary school.

4. Before that, Kid #2, kid's friends, and their moms and I had lunch in the East Village. You will meet one of those moms on the blog soon.

5. Before that, I picked up Kid #2 in the elementary school lobby. I hugged her teachers goodbye. I hugged the security guard goodbye. I hugged the school secretary and other parents goodbye. I cried while saying goodbye.

6. Before that, I graded papers at a cafe while Kid #2 attended her last (half) day of elementary school.

7. Before that, Kid #2 and I walked to elementary school together for the very last time.

8. As you can see I've had a very full day.

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