Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tight Places: All Too Real and On Screen

I spent the day, a beautiful summer day, a PERFECT summer day, in the graveyard of St. Mark's Church for Lilyfest, which is a local benefit for children with brain tumors.

I knew the parents who organized it. Their daughter, Lily, has a brain tumor that gets no bigger and gets no smaller. She's doing great, though. And every summer attends a camp with other children with brain tumors. The fundraiser helps pay the camp tuitions.

The post punk revival band The Virgins were the final band that played at Lilyfest. They played among the tombstones and family vaults, containing bodies buried since the 18th century.  It's pretty dang cool that The Virgins played at Lilyfest.

 Soon I'm going up to see this movie in Tompkins Square Park about a man who takes drastic measures   for getting out of his tight place.  Don't speak French?  Read it about it here.

Want to try to get out of your tight place without egregious law breaking? Leave a comment here to win a copy of The Artist's Way. I'm kind of counting on it "working."

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