Sunday, June 24, 2012

vivid: a weekend

dining al fresco at tommy's burger: burgers & chili cheese fries
1. friday night:  dinner outside at tommy's burger.  i wore all red--dress, sandals, nail polish, purse & lipstick. i'm worried (excited!!!) i might look like some eccentric lady on advanced style.

2. watched miss representation.

3. slept in on saturday morning.

4. hiked stewart falls.

5.  dinner at my tied-for-first-place favorite utah valley restaurant pizzeria 712 (tied with communal).  ate braised short rib on grilled polenta with horseradish cream, ricotta gnocchi with lemon thyme cream sauce, fresh limeade, and a salad of la ney ferme greens, farro, cherry, and house made ricotta.  every single thing was simple and delicious.  i wanted to order the panne cotta with rhubarb compote, but was too full.

6.  church.

7. crepes with your choice of: lemon and sugar, nutella, or ham, cheese & dijon.

8. made dal, rice and raita.

9.  took it up south fork to eat at andi's cabin with peacocks and forest fire sky.

10.  saying good-bye to eva as she moves to a co-op in slc.  sounds super cool and i'm jealous, but sad.
you need to check in with tommy's burger every so often


  1. I love and enjoy all the restaurants you listed in this post. Great choices!

    1. thanks for commenting, janey! i just checked out your great blog, and entered your giveaway plus all the bonus entries. love black sheep cafe! did you see my post on them?