Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Did Lincoln pose here?
My day was completely consumed with my oldest kid's middle school graduation. I know Lara just attended her kid'sawesome graduation, at which our sitting president spoke, but my kid's graduation was unexpectedly awesome. 

I say unexpected as she was essentially today just "moving up" within a school that goes to 12th grade, but the graduation was not perfunctory--instead it was very personal and earthy and intelligent and funny. And very meaningful. The graduates were formally presented as a group to the high school teachers who were assembled, poised and "waiting for them" to arrive in the fall.

 The middle school teachers spoke (one of them, Mike, could seriously have a career in a particularly wry and sophisticated brand of stand-up comedy). The student speakers (who are voted on by their classmates) were poignant and sweet, articulate and hilarious. At the conclusion, each kid (93 in all) came to the front of the stage one by one and then teachers took turns announcing their wacky predictions for that kid (often based on things that had come up during the school year--everyon'es paying attention here). Each graduate then walked over to get--not a diploma--but a hug from the principal. 

What was especially cool is that the event took place in the Great Hall of Cooper Union. The graduates sat on the stage where Lincoln gave a ground-breaking speech in 1860--an address that propelled his candidacy. Let's hope these graduates are similarly propelled. 

(Oh, I just got back from a Solstice walk with one of our rad guest bloggers. It felt good to meet up with friend in the neighborhood. I can't take that kind of proximity for granted. The Artist's Way talks about making time for things that could be the sources of creative inspiration for you. Among other things, I think this is what this was tonight.)

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