Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Sans Father

It's been a crazy day.  I made a seafood orzo from Moosewood for Father's Day, plus, we invited another family and made it a graduation party. 

This coming up week, I have graduations for both my kids.   I'm also trying to squeeze one last school newsletter out before classes are dismissed for the summer.  Last night, Zoe's old toddler play group reunioned for one last time before all the toddlers go off to high school (and I had to cook for that), plus, we had to clean everything today for our dinner guests, plus a house guest we are having this week.

PLUS, one of my dearest, oldest friends Robin was in town with her family all last week, and I took a couple of my "getting stuff done" days off to hang out with her.  (Such a treat treat treat for me.)

PLUS PLUS PLUS, this is the first Father's Day I've ever experienced without a father and I've been feeling like I need to phone my dad all day.  It's this anxious feeling I can't quite get rid of.  I hope he knows I've been thinking of him and missing him.  The photo above was taken about three years ago in Tempe.  He's holding my then youngest niece.  A sweet, sweet guy my dad was.


  1. i was thinking of you all day, wondering how you were weathering this first father's day without your dad. xo.

  2. i know you mean Julie, i miss dad so much! i wanted to pick up the phone and call as well!