Friday, June 1, 2012

Howl Hole

Poetry reading in Tompkins Square Park:  4:30 pm
Free cultural events help me forget that I'm in a tight place for awhile, and this weekend is chockfull of them here in my little neck of the woods.  First off is Howl, a weekend-long celebration of the artistic history and spirit (what's left) of the East Village.  This annual and relatively newish festival is imbued with the ghost of Allen Ginsberg, of course, who was a long-time resident of our 'hood.  (I'm a mad at him now, after reading he never read and did not particularly like the work of women poets.)
Tonight, I attended a painfully hip art opening at The Hole.  Julian Schnabel's daughter recently exhibited there (with Courtney Love at the opening), but tonight the show, which is only up through this Saturday, was all Jim Joe, a quasi-mysterious trash and graffiti artist, whose tags you can see all over my neighborhood.  
This weekend is also open studios in Bushwick, and on Sunday is the first ever Daylife on Orchard Street.
It's easy to get very distracted and forget that I have an online class to teach for the next seven weeks.
I went to a library conference today and felt like I was the only adjunct there, but that's another story, and not as interesting to think about as everything else here.  
Looking forward to:  Not thinking about tight places this weekend.
Inspiration:  graffiti, trash art, the fact that Lara's in Seattle (sending her my best)
Legwear:  steel gray leggings, as there is a chill in the air
Art opening at the The Hole:  7:30 pm

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  1. this looks fabulous, as does that reader's dress in your first photo. i almost forgot my online class starts monday. yikes.