Sunday, June 3, 2012

Howl Report 2

Rolando confirmed his name for me today after yoga.
Tech probs prevent me from adding all the photos I wanted from Day 2 of the Howl Fest.  :-(

I got up for morning yoga in Tompkins Square Park and have decided I need to do yoga outside as much as possible this summer.  It's such a multi-sensory experience, and maintaining calm and focus during the blare of an ambulance and the city sounds I love like a busker's saxophone make it really interesting.  Plus, there was a cool perfect breeze on my limbs, and a local passerby with a Coke wearing tight jeans (a person who you'd think would LEAST likely drop-in for yoga)  decided to drop in and do yoga with us, narrating her movements as she did so.  It was awesome.  

Artists finished up their Art Around the Park canvases today and I saw another legendary punk band.

I then bought bok choy, scallions and chamomile flowers from one of the farmers lined up in front of the artists.  When the downpour hit, I took cover under one of their tents and watched the painters continue to paint.  

This Week:  

I must kick my online class into gear!  Really hard to teach two back to back without much of a break.

I must strategize for BEA!

Missing my Utah friends and family today.  It was Pride Day in Utah and I wish I could have joined the festivities.  In many ways, my heart is still there.

Chico finished Basquiat
I entered.
Another legendary NY punk band
Origami Allen

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  1. * what is bea?
    * your utah friends miss you!
    * yoga in tsp=awesome.