Saturday, June 9, 2012

No One Wants Me to Blog. I'm Serious.

Not my dying computer, not my phone, nor my family members who far out number the computers in this house.

No one wants me at a keyboard.  They only want me to watch what they do at the keyboard.  Sigh.

Tightness coming to the fore in many areas.

I'm hoping these morning pages I'm starting tomorrow will help.

I need everyone to send blessings to my ailing computer.  Isn't there a saint of ailing computers? 

A friend took me to see Richard Linklater's Bernie tonight.  I'm being told to hurry and get off the computer.  I rarely go to the cinema.  You know what I want to see next?  I'm not ashamed to blog it.  This: 

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  1. i saw bernie last night, too, and had a huge crush on the opening scene. jack black was so impeccable in that scene! for the love of linklater, we came home and watched school of rock, one of my fave feel-good movies. i, too, am really looking forward to rock of ages, though not so much cruise.