Sunday, June 17, 2012

girls, hair, metal

taetum & her mom, the birthday girl, the hottest xx year-old around

1.  take cake that ingy and lula made to sister allred's funeral luncheon.

2. hike in rock canyon. discuss francesca woodman, identity politics, magic, narcissism & transcendence on the way up.

3. fold a lot of laundry whilst watching toddlers and tiaras.

4. girls night out with daughters and friends--we see rock of ages.

5.  molly's always awesome annual all-girl dance party (she has the best house, and the best garage disco--strobes & disco ball, big speakers.) i can't get my groove on cause of hurt shoulder.

6.  watch anvil as antidote to rock of ages.

ingrid, blissed out


  1. Ooh, how was Rock of Ages? Great weekend for you already!

    1. julie, it was alternately excruciating and hilarious. very little attention paid to historical accuracy. it bugged that julianne hough's hair was seventies, not eighties. fun, though.

  2. That dance party was a high point in my life. Wanna dance now.

    1. i wish you were here for a dance partay right now!