Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wednesday: a list

1) hiked up rock canyon at 7 a.m. with kirsti & talked about women artists with her until i realized i needed an inhaler to get up any higher.

2) got lula off to camp.

seeing francesca woodman show in nyc.  i forgot to write about the show.  but i will.  it was terrific.
3) signed up three kids and me for the summer reading program at the provo city library (aren't you proud, julie?) brought home two armfuls of books.  i hope julie will post/link us to some of her fabulous librarian lists.

4) poured over one of my new library books, ad hoc at home by thomas keller.  this book is seriously beautiful. i'm a little jaded about cookbooks, but this one really got me all excited to cook again, as i've been a little burned out/not home of late.  tomorrow i plan on making brioche from his book.  also excited to make the five melon salad when the melons come on.

5) wrote a poem, using the "rock, paper, scissors" prompt from april's poetry month daily prompts feature from janet mcadams (and a couple from me, as well.)  i'm working on keeping up a daily poetry practice this june.

6) went to monica's yoga class with eva.  gave in to the temptation to do shoulder stand, which always kills my neck, and sure enough, my neck is dead now.

7) taught my online class.

8) washed and dried but did not fold a load of laundry.

9) looked for interesting new places to submit poems.  didn't find them yet.

10) thought about how lame my parenting has been for the first two days of summer.  need to get a plan, a schedule, or something.

11) watched 3.5 episodes of restaurant impossible.  it's really not a great show, and yet i can't stop watching it and imagining what i would do if it were my restaurant.

12) researched soup dumplings and found a good looking recipe for them.  cecily requested we make them (she checked out a novel about dumplings from the library today, dumpling days by grace lin.)

13) read a couple of interesting poems from allen grossman's collection, titled after the poem how to do things with tears.

14) got into my nightgown at 6 p.m.  got out of bed at 7.30 to eat the delicious baked pasta with spinach and tomato prepared by eva.  did the dishes and crawled back into bed.  what's wrong with me?

legwear: yoga pants, day two.  that's a warning signal for me.  i need to get into some more structured legwear/outfit tomorrow or risk sliding into the black hole.

inspiration:  thomas keller!!!!!!

looking forward:  a new day with no headache and more structure.  also, more poetry writing.

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  1. What a dazzling list! Very inspiring, Lara. I'm also so jeal you can hike a canyon so easily.