Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Don't Know What to Wear

Courtney Love looking unusually pulled together at her recent art opening.
 For the past few days my morning/afternoon pages for our Artist's Way experiment have been about clothes.  I've written about skirts, slips, seams, over-stitching, fabric, trimmings, bodices and shapes.  I can't seem to stop, which is ironic, because I don't know what to wear as a middle-aged Girl in a Tight Place.

I seem to be in a profound fashion crisis.  Yes, that's what it is.

So please tell me what you are wearing?

The thing I'm most afraid of right now is dressing too young for my age, which I could do very VERY easily.  But what does that mean?  Skinny jeans?--which is what I'm wearing right now? Tank tops and tee shirts, which my drawers are full of?  Dresses which I still pick up at stores that girls young enough to be my daughter shop at?

When I think of what I might want to look like I think of the following gals:  Courtney Love (who is ten days older than me), Kim Gordon from the now defunct(?) Sonic Youth (who is 11 years older than me), and maybe even Michelle Obama (who is seven months older than me, although she's a little mainstream).  They all look really super great, right?  Right?  (Although, Courtney often appears in public looking disappointingly matronly.)

Of course, they all have access to designers that I don't have access to (although Shelley and I did watch Kim Gordon try on coats once in the lower Broadway H&M).  How do I compete with Mrs. O?

So I'm not sure what to do as a gal on a budget.  What's totally inappropriate for me to wear?

What are you wearing again?
No minis over 35??  But here's Kim Gordon in 2009!

Michelle O in Michael Kors
I especially the flamboyance of these two:  the rainbow ribbing, short seersucker shorts.  The lime tie.


  1. you are my fashion icon. so. whatever, courtney & kim. since i want michelle obama to be our future president, i'll let her stay in a different league.
    i have a secret desire to wear shorts and platforms, like the young gals are doing these days, but don't worry. it'll never happen.

    1. bill cunningham says: "the legs are the last to go."