Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tight Places

I've never not wanted to blog as much as I don't want to blog tonight.

Blogging has never felt like such a chore as it does at this exactly moment.

I'm alone with one kid studying for finals; the other is trying to read Huckleberry Finn for homework and not getting it.

One thing--my phone was able to upload one photo.  I took this photo at Cowboy Mouth the other day.  The stage reminded me of my bedroom, although the stage bedroom was roomier.  Plus, the floor was painted red.  That would be nice.  

Know that I sleep on a mattress that's been pushed upon a wooden slab.  My bedroom is hardly a room at all.  Two people cannot stand with much comfort in it at the same time.

I like the books splayed around the bed in the play.  The bowl was for the lobster man.  It sits there on the floor a little obscenely.

Also, our bike might be gone for good.

P.S.  One upside:  I started to read The Artist's Way.   Can I count on it as much as I want to?

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