Friday, May 25, 2012

as threatened

me at 7--same age as moses, who graduated from 1st grade today.  nestled amongst splendiferous 70's shag carpet.
in my facebook chat with julie today (after the kids' last day of school dance festival that i've been attending for 10 years--only 5 years left to go), i told her i was just gonna post my overly-long to-do list stuff, stuff that needs to get done by monday evening.

why do i persist in unrealistic expectations?  in constant set-ups for failure and disappointment?

(one possible answer:  i'm an adrenaline junkie and this helps increase the flow. . . .)

1) get cecily's ballet stuff purchased and tuition paid
2) laundry (tonz of it--which means about 8 loads)
3) yoga, even with frustratingly bum shoulder
4) pack lula for girlz camp and drop her stuff off at leader's house (she's in seattle and we won't return until late the night before)
5) write poem
6) pack for seattle
7) online class stuff
8) finish boulder book for walden
9) applications for pataphysics workshops (this means writing 10 pp. of a new play, that's currently sloshing around in brain, revising my c.v., and writing cover letters for each workshop. one is for playwriting and one for t.v. writing.)
10) figure out how to do spanish language requirement for ph.d requirement this summer
11)  date night
12)  lunch at homestead tomorrow for claire's 80-something?  (could that be?) birthday
13) today's blog post
14) make sure lula got her flight credit from southwest
15) i know there's more!

sorry to bore with the minutiae, but sometimes thats all there is.  what minutiae consumed you today?

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