Thursday, May 24, 2012

seven hungers

eva tired from finals, lara tired from red-eye:
the colors of the ethiopian platter perked us up, though

more graduation pics:  dinner at awash on 107th and amsterdam--one of eva's now former haunts.

when i'm having a hard time organizing my unstructured work time it's usually because my poetic practice is not in play.  after a couple of months of letting the practice lapse, i realized today that it was making the rest of my life not--


isn't it scary to come back after a period of absence? i always think this time i won't be able to.

this morning,

just as i was thinking

this time i won't be able to,

i came across this compelling prompt from brenda miller.

i thought: yeah,

but this time

is different--this time

i won't be able to. 

then poetry blessed me.

& i felt whole and good again,

and was even happy with what came from my hand today.

ususally i don't put my poems on the blog in case someone wants to publish it down the road.

today i feel like:

eff down the road.

right now is more important.

so:  here it is:

taken down for now whilst under consideration for publication. . . .

legwear: bare

inspiration: getting my practice back on

looking forward:  to watchng t.v. tonight