Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Life on the Island

While Lara travels, I can't seem to get off my island, but I enjoy like making lists:

 1. Another work Saturday.

 2. Picked up a brand new bag at a big bag sale on the way home. I finally have a bag that holds my laptop, pens, lip balm, lipstick, natural hand sanitizer, books, food, water bottle, and extra clothing in the case of a tight-place event, like an apocalypse and I can't get off the island.  I'm always going to be ready now.

3. Made guacamole for Cinco de Mayo.

4.  Met a friend at a club to see a singer/songwriter she loves, but when . . . 5.  I got there the friend wasn't there.    
6. I watched the singer/songwriter alone, standing against the wall in a tiny club.  

 7. I wrote some lines inspired by the Neil Young-esque singer songwriter into a notebook that I had gifted to someone and the giver abandoned it. 

 8. While watching the singer/songwriter, I noticed a lot of middle-aged women looking at him like the women in the scene from Robert Altman's Nashville below. 

 9. A week from tonight, Lara will be on my island.

10.  Later, we are going to go out and look at the moon which is supposed to be bigger tonight.

1 comment:

  1. i can't wait to be on the island with you, jt.