Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dreams of Rosemary Ice Cream and Jackie Wilson

On Memorial Day, it was so hot and hazy that I turned around halfway to Tompkins Square Park (my body slung with bags of books and a blanket) and went back to the apartment.  I had actually started to wheeze, the air quality seemed so bad.

Instead I gathered up who ever was home, and headed out to a local dessert joint that had their air conditioning blasting (which I'm usually against for eco reasons) plus an "Otis Redding" Pandora station blasting, which was amazing.  What you see on that their table is the most potent rosemary ice cream paired with a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Sigh.  Still channeling that experience, as I sit in my sweaty apartment, dishes stacked around me, kids with homework to do.

Jackie Wilson was one of the artists that came up on Pandora when we were there:

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