Monday, May 14, 2012

no reason you can't be powerful & stylish too

this is where i was today, watching my beautiful daughter graduate with the barnard class of 2012.  i couldn't have been prouder, i couldn't have been happier to know that she is one of the women obama talked about in his speech who would give a hand back, use her privileged position as an educated, empowered citizen to increase the amount of justice in the world.

(i know this not only because she has been like this from day one, but it was confirmed as i helped edit & proofread her final term paper on the dalit women's movement at 5.45 this morning, 2 hours before we left for graduation.)

during the graduation ceremony today i, too, like julie, thought of my community college students who work so hard, who perservere and face obstacles both economic & personal and don't get the kind of recognition or prestige that is due every human being.

i made a resolve today to recognize more the worth of every human being, to be less aware of status and hierarchies and more aware of the beauty & power in each individual, to be a tool for making the world a more just place, as our president has been, as my daughters are, as we all have an obligation to be.

p.s.--eva snow is not only powerful, but stylish, too.  pics tomorrow.