Thursday, May 17, 2012


second to last day.  too tired for links or pics tonight.  might, just might, add them later.  or you might just have to use your imagination.

1.  woke up on a crappy dorm mattress in barnard housing after spending the previous day partying with eva's amazingly smart, talented classmates and their smart, talented parents.  and then packing and packing eva's room.

2.  alliance of art and writing awards visit--their building in soho is amazing.  we got the grand tour and were treated so nicely.  i met with the director of outreach about some utah possibilities. stay tuned.

3.  ate lunch on the rooftop of said building.  just  a salad, but a great one:  roasted potatoes, steamed apsaragus & cauliflower, hummus, marinated  tofu, etc. etc.  the view from the roof is astounding.

4.  a little shoppin' at h & m.  when i say little, i mean little.  i purchased a hair clip for 2.95.

5.  visit to the brooklyn museum.  first afo all--wow.  kara walker, kehinde wiley, judy chicago and so much more.

6.  sound check.

7.  Jerk Chicken roti.

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