Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Reading

Right now I am in a small, but notable New England city (the setting for much of Jeffrey Eugenides novel, The Marriage Plot) on a family visit, which sounds like fun . . .

. . . yet, I've spent almost the entire day sitting in front of my relative's glorious desktop putting together the 5th-grade yearbook on, a service I've never used, and have now discovered that the book is not web-based--I must transfer it over to my unglorious computer in New York in order to keep working on it.

Computer issues can be so anxiety inducing.

But does all of this really matter?

I wish they didn't.

My new online class starts on Tuesday.

I feel like there are a lot of unknowns this summer, and I'm trying to figure out a way to live in the unknown and be fine with it.

Reading:  a quintessential summer read, Allison Pearson's novel, set in 1974, about a 13-year-old Welsh who has a David Cassidy obsession and the disgruntled ersatz journalist who pens the David Cassidy notes for a London-based fanzine.  I actually ordered this for one of my library's (the one that collects leisure reading) and I hope I won't be the only user to check it out!

Legwear:  Humidity wear, bare

Looking forward to:  Publishing the 5th-grade yearbook and handing it out at graduation.

Looking forward to:  More summer reading


  1. i must read that book. also, i've helped students use blurb (and lulu) before to create our lit journal and it just always sucks. i hate doing it.

    1. i had a david cassidy poster and a david cassidy crush. bet you did, too, julie turley.