Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bikes and White Striped Tights

My friend found these in a chain drug store.

Another list:

1.  Worked, but before that rode my bike around.  This book is all about riding around for the fun of it. I bet you didn't know people did that in New York.

2.  Last night, one of my kids showed me this website featuring assorted commuters reading on the subway.  Aside from tights and bikes, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my fellow citizens reading in public.  I used to take the same photos for my other blog, so I'm happy that someone else feels the same way.

3.  Visited my favorite bike shop and had something on my bike fixed.  The bike shop owner is opening a new coffee shop next door this month--another place to grade papers!

4.  Today, my other kid shooed away from the playground.  I decided to practice being a free-range parent and sat in a nearby cafe where I ate a raw brownie sweetened with coconut oil.  And then a parent friend came in with her tights and let me take a picture of them.

5.  Speaking of subway reading, today on my commute I read Sam Lipsyte's The Ask, a satirical novel about a flailing parent who works and then gets fired from and then gets a second chance in the development office of a third-tier, over-priced university of New York City.   For over a year now, I've been reading novels about college.

6.  Today was one of the days I did not feel my tight place.

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