Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Occupy Tights!

And leggings, too!  I was so glad--(before going home to find out some disappointing news)--that I dropped by Bryant Park on my way home from work.  Bryant Park was one of the spaces for May Day/International Worker's Day action today.  Peeps were supposed to strike:  not work, not attend school, not shop . . . in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street/99% movement (which, as you know, is close to the heart of this "tight places" blog).

Even when I'm in a political space, I can't help but take pictures of protest fashion, and there was some tremendous activist legwear in today's Bryant Park actions, plus Gertrude Stein presiding. 

Tomorrow:  hanging out with Occupy Guitarmy.

Gertrude monitoring

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  1. i love these pics so much! jeal that you're in a place that's pro-labor. the leggings remind me of your hair-metal story--candy colored lycra legs.