Thursday, May 10, 2012

out of context--final boulder post

back to my happy place

living in nyc was hard.  i was caught up in the minutia of daily life & surviving the mean streets of a much less gentrified nyc, & i didn't get out as much as i should have, & i didn't appreciate the intensity & grandeur of that place as much as i should have.

when i visit now, i can't even imagine that i didn't love every minute of my life there.

when i went to boulder, living in a rural town & milking goats seemed like the most magical thing in the world.

i'm sure it's not.

& i'm sure it also is.

a student wrote today in her boulder essay, "boulder seems like the most perfect place in the world.  probably because i don't have to live there."

that insight made the whole class laugh.

isn't it true: that we rarely really appreciate where we're at until later?

for tonight, i'm going to my happy place to combat the pre-travel jitters and stress of leaving my kids, planning itineraries, budgets, contacting friends and associates, etc. by going to my happy boulder place in my head.

happy place:  burr trail outpost in boulder, utah with honey rhubarb crisp & local characters
(and attending the walden art show, featuring work by students of our very own guest blogger josh graham.)

tomorrow, i'll be in my other happy place, new york city.  all the happier because i will just be pretending to live there for a week, ignoring all the quotidiana back home, getting to stay up as late as i want, & hanging with my girl julie.

legwear:  taking the red-eye leggings

looking forward:  to seeing julie

inspiration:  happy places

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