Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mid-Blog Crisis

Instead of blogging about this past weekend (which is when I discovered a lot of new galleries in my neighborhood, including one exhibiting an Andy Warhol-affiliated photographer I had never heard of, and attended the closing of the dude reading Philip Roth in a plexiglas box during which--in the public bathroom--I saw bridesmaids making themselves look undead for a real zombie-themed wedding in the basement of the same arts complex) I want to instead publicly assess my tight place and sit for a minute with the fact that I'm still not materially--or maybe otherwise--out of it now month five of this still newish year.

Because I don't want my posts to be mere reportage about my life in a city I probably have no business living in (although that is fun for me).  Last December 31st, this blog was supposed to be the thing that would help change my life, help things be a little looser around here, freer of worry.  On December 31st, I wasn't sure how that would happen, and was immersed on that auspicious night in some major magical thinking, because that is what we do during the holidays, and is sometimes all we have to hold onto a lot in our lives.

So now a week past a major "getting out of a tight place" setback, I'm trying to think about what else I could be/should be doing.  I read about the Idaho-based Mormon gals who got themselves out a majorly traumatic tight place by being beyond super duper savvy about couponing (Thanks, Lara!), but there's no way I would or could do that.  Like the coupon gals, I've mostly tried to follow my passion.  But following that seems like a dead-end these days.  Read this majorly depressing article about all the adjuncting PhDs on food stamps

So now I think I should be approaching my passion from a different angle.  Will writing here help me figure out what that is?  What off-blog activities should I be doing?  I must continue to pull on supportive legwear and keep thinking, keep walking.


  1. i really love this entry, julie. your honesty and your thinking. & the last line is so, so true. & so glad that very soon we can talk about tight stuff together, in person, very, very soon.

  2. The adjunct situation is truly depressing. Hopefully you can navigate this and continue to keep the updates coming.

  3. In the words of Stevie Wonder- "transcendental meditation gives you- PEACE OF MIND!!!" There I said it. (probably not the thing you want to hear from your sister.... just say'n. :-)