Thursday, May 3, 2012

tight day

red scarf--bright spot in a dark day

it was one of those days where a bunch of things went wrong
and i felt annoyed, upset, and anxious the whole day, frosted with a headache.

nothing good to say about it.

surely everyone knows this kind of day, and if you don't know, who are you?

on the upside, i gleaned two good thoughts from reading women's day whilst being iced down at physical therapy today.  who knew that women's day would contain gems of enlightenment?

this, i guess, is the thing that can happen when you're doing something you don't want to do, like physical therapy, and when you're being forced to confront the fact that you can't control your body, or the world, or

anything really.  here are the two things i learned from my reading today:

1) kyra sedgewick advised angie harmon to "keep your heart where your feet are" (in regards to angie's commute from north carolina to l.a., and needing to be separated from her children while she works).  it's the same thing the yogis tell us in yoga when they say "stay on the mat."  where ever you are, what ever you're doing, put your heart into it.

i guess it means be present?  easier said than done.

2) when you're trying to accomplish something big, only focus on 3 or 4 things at a time.  i usually focus on 12 or 13.  it's not good.  i end up doing a lot of things, badly.  it's driving me crazy.

what are your solutions, G'sITP's?

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