Sunday, May 27, 2012

weird a.d.h.d. reading list

my hand and eva's hand after mother's day manicures in nyc.  today we'll be cooking sunday dinner together.
i don't know if i can be officially diagnosed based on this list, but here's a (partial, mind you) list of what i read this morning:

1)   about the recent massacre in syria, front page on the nyt.
2)   the script for episode 4 of the pilot season of house.
3)   the last three poems in the kabir book that eva gave me, plus the end notes.
4)   front page article about afghan opium trade in sunday nyt.
5)   this article on passing by rilla askew from world literature today.
6)   my own two poems, written last week.  made a few revisions, too.
7)   checked in with dooce blog to see if i still hate it.  it's still pretty good and i still kind of hate it.
8)   wikipedia entry on area 51. turns out i'd already read it. . . .
9)   the salt river-maricopa pima website.
10)  get off my internets blog.
11)  regan's blob (nothing new up today :().
12)  excerpts from susan howe's the midnight.
13)  several recipes for tres leches cake.
14)  the article about ann romney's relationship with her dressage coach (wtf, nyt, is up with your continuing unexamined relationship with race, class, and gender--why this article is on the front page eludes me.  next to the one about the murders of 32 syrian children.)
15) article by jennifer nix on poetry and illness from poetry foundation.

legwear:  black tights.  it's freezing outside.

inspiration: so many words, and journalists who risk their lives, poets who lay them bare.

looking forward to: sunday dinner with friends and family.

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