Monday, May 14, 2012

weird, fantastic & emotional mother's day

i'm sitting here in barnard housing with my incredible daughters.

this is the place i lived when i was pregnant with eva

and now she's graduating from college.

it's weirder than i can say. 

here's the rundown on the day:

1.  soul food mother's day lunch in harlem:  oxtail, mac n' cheese, collard greens, okra, brisket, fried chicken, green beans, black-eyed peas, banana pudding, sweet potato pie.  ummm, yeah.

2.  listened to claudia bushman speak on mother's day.  the take-away:  make sure you learn what your mother has to teach you.  word.  and also, she's one of my sheroes.

3.  wandered around with eva.

4.  manis & pedis with eva.

5. dinner with richard bushman, a hero, at deluxe diner.

6.  ingrid arrived from philly bearing pink tulips. 

7.  caramelized onions in eva's apartment for her grad party.

8.  ironed eva's gown for commencement.  sorry to make such a huge deal of the graduation, but she's my first, so i can't help it.

9.  staying up way too late with the girls based on the fact that we have to be at the ceremony at 7.45 am based on the special guest.  so it's a bad idea to stay up late. but it's soooooo fun.

10.  met all of eva's college friends and parents.  kinda weird, but kinda cool.

will post photos when i get find my card reader.

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