Thursday, May 31, 2012

How the Partridges Get Out of Their Tight Place

I sat in the playground today and finished I Think I Love You which included, in the appendix, a frank interview the author, Allison Pearson, did with David Cassidy in 2004.  Inthe interview he talks about how soul crushing being a teen idol was and how much the record companies ripped him off, among other things. 

So it should suprise no one that the novel sent me down a YouTube hole tonight.  I've been watching clips from episodes of The Partridge Family mostly and showing them to S.  I watched the show with great intensity when it originally aired on Friday nights in the early '70s, and was a huge fan of David's like Pearson was and like Pearson's characters in her novel were.  I remember writing him a fan letter and sending it to some official fan club in 1972, and how thrilling the whole experience of loving David in a very nascent way was.

Anyway, it's about the only thing I can do with a lowish level migraine.  I have an ace bandage wrapped around my head.  Note that the hippie girl in this episode is Meredith Baxter who became Meredith Baxter Birney.  

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