Saturday, May 19, 2012

walden 2012

just returned from the walden 2012 graduation & it was lovely.

congratulations to nate and his family
here's a pic of me with nate, a student i've worked closely with over the years who i'm especially proud of because he'll be attending my alma mater, sarah lawrence college.  he's lucky to get to go there, and they're lucky to get him.  he's very talented.

nate wore his classic india sandals, eli his classic bare feet
another student, sofia, who has studied with me for four years, skyped in from china.  she was the class valedictorian, and her mom read her speech for her.  she's been gone all semester, and we've missed her so much.

this class contained a lot of muscians.  guitars lined the stage as quite a few students performed singer/songwriter material, a couple of original numbers and a couple of covers.

the graduation was held in the sundance redford conference center, and we ate baked goods from their restaurant.

i'm so proud of these students.  this was a group of programmers, woodworkers, photographers, bakers, writers, musicians, glass blowers, dancers, visual artists, chefs, engineers & scholars.  also, like all walden students, they are world citizens who have a global understanding that will influence everyone around them for years to come.  i'm super impressed with how they turned out, and can't wait to see what the next four years holds for them.

now i'm all ceremony'd out.  so good night all.

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