Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Afterglow on a Rainy Day

Demo-ing one of the two guitar-holding poses for the parade.
1.  Basked in the afterglow of hanging with the Occupy Guitarmy yesterday in Bryant Park.  OG were one of the many subgroups that made up the big May Day/Occupy protests that took place in public parks all over the city yesteday.  I had to veer off (to get a kid) before they began their permitless march down 5th Avenue to Union Square where they were going to hook up with Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and play a song with him.  (See video of the Union Square performance below.  You get a sense of the critical mass of protesters that were in the city yesterday.  Warning:  Tom drops the "F bomb" if you're watching at work.)

2.  Early this morning, worked then . . . .

3.  Volunteered at a kid's school.

4.  Biked home in the rain; it was raining harder.

5.  Responded to students/graded while listening to the "Gerry Rafferty" station on Pandora.  Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.  Just sayin'.  It will take you right back to junior high, which . . . speaking of afterglow!   And who can resist "Cool Change" by the Little River Band?  Could this song be a theme song, Lara, for "getting out of tight places?"  

5.  Worked on a lentil soup.  Looked for my newly purchased cumin to no avail.

She had a nice vibe.  
Budding activists playing hooky from school.

I heart armbands.

Ukelele girl!
You're never too cool for Occupy Guitarmy!

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  1. Julie—how do you always know about everything before it happens? I didn't know about this—so cool!