Friday, May 18, 2012

i heart my bed

i've always been pretty wimpy, but it's getting worse.  so tied to my little routines and my bed.  don't know how people who travel frequently keep it together.

tonight at the airport, we had the first full meal sitting at a table in four days.  c. really wanted sushi, and i just wanted something warm and comforting, so i ordered a burger (who orders a burger at a sushi place?)  but it was kind of special--topped with shisitso pepper aioli AND get this:

a tempura battered slice of bacon.


yes, tempura bacon is a thing.

so we moved eva out of her dorm today, mailed off her books, vinyl l.p.'s (we're vinyl snobs around here)  and her record player that c. got her for a high school graduation present.  (it was a good one.  c. is the best present giver.)

it was quite grueling.  then to jfk with 9 bags between us (c.'s gigging equipment and eva's stuff from the last four years.)

ingrid left for port authority to visit a school chum in new jersey, and eva and her best friend said a tearful good-bye on amsterdam and 120th.  they became best buddies freshman year and have remained so.

maybe they'll still be tight, like me and julie, in 20 plus years.  i hope so.  those kinds of friends are the best.

cab ride was eventful.  an accident on the tri-borough expressway put us in a cab ride that lasted at least 90 minutes.  and we were jammed in with all the luggage.

interestingly, though, our pakistani driver and eva conversed in urdu and he gave her a cd of his favorite poet.  we had a long discussion about poetry and biryani, politics in pakistan, and how hard things are in pakistan.

new resolves forthcoming based on this discussion.

home in wonderful, wonderful bed.

practically sleep-bloggin' right now.


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  1. Where did you eat at the airport??

    Glad you made it out in time and are home safe and sound.

    So great to see you and yours!